The Importance of Women Self-Defense

When looking at the rising numbers of cases of violence against women, it is apparent that women’s self-defense against men is growing to being an important issue in today’s world. There are several products and techniques created for women’s self-defense against men, from mace, guns, to judo/assertiveness training. However, these things are growing increasingly needed and it is vital to stay abreast of the most efficient strategies for women’s self-defense against men.

Is Someone Following You?

Because more and more women are working overtime at their jobs and late hours, more attention should be brought to women’s self-defense. Dark parking lots are the most unsafe places, and it is a solid idea to walk into a parking lot with a special device, like a personal alarm, loud whistle, a can of mace, or stun gun. The mace or stun guns shouldn’t be designed like actual guns, but should be camouflaged as cell phones or key chains which can be held by hand without inviting undue attention.

It is an imperative principle of women’s self-defense to always to look straight ahead and consistently appear alert. Possible attackers are constantly on the lookout for women who are unaware of their surroundings, so deliver an impression of confidence.

Before opening your car, always examine the inside to make sure that no one is there. A portable flashlight can be helpful for this inspection. Make sure your car door is always locked, and, if you unlock your car door with a remote control, don’t locking and unlocking the door too far from your vehicle. This will stop someone from getting into your car.

Women’s self-defense isn’t always geared toward strangers, but, more often than not, a criminal is a person the woman knows. Before attacking, the man typically stalks the woman to discover her habits and see where she’s the most vulnerable.

Self Defense Doesn’t Always Mean a Gun

Not everyone is able of fighting back physically, and sometimes, fighting can make your situation more threatening. Moreover, the laws concerning self-defense can be complex. Lethal self-defense isn’t always the answer from a legal standpoint, no matter how terrified you may be.

Your Best Defense

The solution to self-defense is preparation. You don’t have to be suspicious of everyone, and you don’t have to carry a firearm. The best way to protect yourself is to be aware of your surroundings and to understand what to do if you feel endangered or unsafe. Below are some things you can do to not be a victim:

• Be mindful of your surroundings. Constantly pay attention and see what’s going on around you. Criminals often pick victims who look to be preoccupied or distracted.

• Avoid out-of-the-way places. Whether you’re looking for a parking spot at the mall or taking a walk, make it a point to be around others. You’re considerably less likely to be assaulted if you are in a well-lit, high-traffic area.

• Listen to your instincts. Don’t worry about looking crazy. If an individual or situation doesn’t feel right to you, move away ASAP and tell somebody.

You’re more less likely to be a victim of a violent crime if you’re attentive and aware. Nonetheless, there’s no 100% guarantee. For a little peace of mind, you may want to think about some other non-lethal self-defense choices:

Pepper spray: A small but commanding deterrent. It causes temporary blindness, difficulty breathing, and a very serious burning sensation. Spraying an attacker with pepper spray gives you some extra time to get away and get help.

Stun guns: Stun guns come in an assortment of sizes and provide a potent jolt of electricity that temporarily disables an attacker for many minutes.

Personal alarms: A personal alarm/panic sensor is usually worn around the neck and pressed if you’re in a threatening situation. The noise can surprise and scare away an attacker, as well as draw attention to you.