Should You Have a Taser for Self-Defense

A taser is the best law enforcement subject control creation since the nightstick.  It has saved numerous officers and suspects from seriously getting hurry and is more efficient than any other less lethal control method.

Like in law enforcement, not everyone who comes into contact with miscreants need to use deadly force.  Civilians have just as little requirement for lethal force as the police. Tasers come in many versions for this purpose.

There are some facts you should know about which type of taser you should get before you buy one:

– A taser might not be legal everywhere in America, including on commercial airplanes

– Tasers aren’t foolproof.  Both of the darts need to hit the individual you’re using it against in order for the person to feel its full effect

– If both darts don’t strike, it can still be utilized as a stun gun

The probes are what makes the difference than the cheaper stun guns. Regardless of how many volts they claim to possess. Stun devices only bring hurt when they are utilized against an assailant due to the little distance separating their electrodes.  The spread of the taser darts triggers neuromuscular breakdown. Another huge advantage of a civilian taser system is that, according to which system you get, you can be up to 20 feet or more from the attacker when you trigger it.

Taser currently markets four civilian models for anyone who wants one to purchase. The 1st is the C2, the most compact-size taser. It varies from the standard tasers in that it operates for 30 seconds, instead of 5, when deployed.  That may be a sufficient amount of a jolt to make an assailant pass up his life of crime. A taser with a laser sighting system will cost you about $400. If you’re going to invest in a taser, get this one.

Top Women Personal Safety Apps

When safety and security of women is an issue, a smartphone can serve as a powerful tool against crime. Here are a few apps exclusively created, keeping in mind women’s safety and to fight against criminals.

Life 360 Family Locator

This app not only aid you in finding your family members, but you can get alerts when your family member gets to a specific location or if your family is safe or not.

This app is battery efficient and comes with other features like group chat. The app tracks your family members by using Wi-Fi, cell network, or GPS. The panic mode can send a message, email, or text with your current position. This app is nearby when it comes to safety of your loved ones.


Circle of 6

This app lets you send your circle of friends a “come and get me” message with GPS coordinates on map. The app also lets you call local emergency numbers and hotlines of your choice.


This app is devoted to fight crimes against women who are void of any help from law enforcement. The app tracks the whereabouts of the individual who has the device and shows the location on Google map by getting the coordinates of GPS. This information is consistently updated at the server and user can send SOS messages only by pressing the panic button. SOS can be sent to five contacts.


You can construct your personal safety network of family or friends whom you want to help you out in case of emergency. One press to SOS button and your family members will be alerted to save you by a text or call.