Selecting Between a Wooden Vs Aluminum Bat for Self Defense

As bats are simple to use and even simpler to buy, they fit just fine in several locations, like your bedside or car. Bats are so easy to use and have numerous functions. This is the best item is own especially when it comes to self-defense.

The wooden vs aluminum bat debate has been going around and around for years. The aluminum bat always wins the argument. When it comes to self-defense, specialists agree that an aluminum bat has more benefits over a wooden bat. Here are some of the reasons why:


It is obvious that aluminum is solider than wood. Therefore, it goes that an aluminum bat suffers little wear and tear over the years. Wood can get brittle after a long period of time. This is contingent on the fact that the aluminum bat hasn’t been ruined by rust.

Also, a wooden bat tends to splinter or break when using its durability. This can be very hurtful in self-defense. Moreover, the splinters could get into your eyes.

Swing Accuracy

Aluminum bats have better weight distribution from the top of the bat to the handle, enhancing the swing accuracy of the user.

Crushing Impact

Conjoin momentum and accuracy with an aluminum bat guarantees delivering some real hurt to your attacker. This is really brutal if you are going for the bones/body parts of your assailant.


Despite the benefits told here which favor the aluminum baseball bat, the decision must be made depending on your preference. If you are more comfortable with a wooden bat, there is no reason for you not to get one. The best self-defense technique is to always select the weapon you are comfortable with to guarantee effectiveness. The most important thing is to get a bat to protect yourself against a possible assault.

Just Yell Fire: Empowering Girls to Protect Themselves

A frightening static: 1 out of every 4 girls in school will be date-raped by the time she’s 22.

Want to arm your daughter so she’s capable of defending herself?  Check out and download the free film presented by the stars of Lost and featuring Portland teen Dallas Jessup.  Jessup’s aim is to empower young girls to fight back against abduction and sexual assault.

Jessup, who founded Just Yell Fire when she was 16 wants a world where girls can go to the mall, walk down the street, or go to a party without fear.

Jessup, a black belt, worked with a street fighting coach to create easy and simple techniques for a girl of any size to use to get away from her assailant.

The film shows these techniques, like teaching a girl to gouge an eye, hardslap an ear, bite, knee a groin, fight back to stop rape and/or an abduction.

Why Just Yell Fire?

The 1st strategy for girls is to always and first yell “Fire”! Why?  When a girl yells “Help” most folks think she’s playing around and won’t respond. When she yells “Rape” most folks are frightened to getting involved. Yelling “Fire” quickly gets everyone’s attention and they hurry to see what’s going on. Attention is the last thing assailants want and this alone will halt an abduction.

She’ll be alert and is less likely to end up in a circumstance she can’t handle.

Ms. Jessup penned the script for “Just Yell Fire” and organized a professional crew of 30 volunteers to make it, all this as a teenager.

Besides the techniques, the film shares a Dating Bill of Rights, as well as stay-safe strategies from law enforcement agencies. Josh Holloway and Evangeline Lilly, from the TV show “Lost” volunteered to appear in the film.