The Safest Cities to Raise Children (Part I)

These towns are some of the safest choices to raise your children.

Our safest cities are highlighted below as well as every city’s violent crime rate, walkability score, and overall child safety score, which is a mixture of eight factors we considered. It is crucial to note that each city on the list is below the national average for violent crimes. Also, we included some runner-up cities to provide the safest cities to raise a free-range child.

Easton, Maryland

Maryland has been at the heart of the free-range parenting conversation, so it’s not any surprise that our safest city to raise children is in Maryland. Easton has small-town charm, and with over 230 acres of parks and open spaces, there is lots of room for adventurous children to safely explore.

Keene, New Hampshire

From the yearly Pumpkin Festival to the lighting of the community Christmas Tree in the town square, Keene has a quintessential New England nostalgia. And in a city where everyone knows everyone (as stated by a lifetime resident), children are safe to enjoy all that Keene has to offer.

Takoma Park, Maryland

This city has a town arborist and its own poet laureate, but Takoma Park’s assets aren’t limited to culture and cultivation. Folks take care of one another here. The city has a crew named the Snow Angels who dig out neighbors buried under the city’s thirteen inches of yearly snowfall. It’s that sort of community spirit that helped Takoma Park have a spot on our list.

Havre de Grace, Maryland

This bayside town has been distinguished many times as one of the best little towns in the nation. It caught our attention with its amazing parks, schools, and family-oriented values. Havre de Grace wants all children to feel included, as obvious by an all-access playground opened in August ‘17.

The Safest States to Raise Children


New Hampshire is the top state to raise children in the nation while Louisiana is the worst based on a review website created by home security experts.

Keeping our children safe is our top priority as a parent.

Keeping children safe is a parent’s main priority. Despite crime rates being lower overall, the 24-hour news cycle can have you feeling like trouble is waiting around every corner. The positive news is that national crime rates are lower than they were when most of us were growing up. As a matter of fact, violent crime dropped by close to 50% between ‘93 and ‘16.

But that doesn’t mean you’re not going to fret. That’s why SafeWise took a closer look at safety factors and trends before selecting this year’s safest cities to raise a kid. Due to current news about free-range parenting, Utah passed a law, we decided to factor that parenting style into our studies. We dug deep into many factors to help us detect the safest cities to raise children.

Here’s a look at some of our results:

  • Wisconsin has safer cities for free-range children than any other state.
  • New Jersey has ten cities on our list, which is around 20% of our top fifty.
  • New Hampshire pulls ahead when we examine the top 30 safest states.
  • There are only two cities in the western US on our list: Bountiful, UT, and Evanston, WY.
  • Only two cities made the list two years in a row: Greenwich, CT, and Ridgefield, CT.
  • Our top fifty safest cities come from just ten states. That’s just 20% of the country.
  • All our safest cities are in states with snow—no beach cities apparently! (Unless it’s one of the Great Lakes.)
  • Only two of the states with cities in our top thirty had over two Amber Alerts in 2017: Utah (six) and Virginia (five).


The Safest States in the US


There might be no worse feeling than feeling in danger or insecure, whether that be financial trouble, fear for one’s life, or lying in the path of a storm. With numerous safety criteria in mind, though, the New England region of the United States seems idyllic. Most of New England’s rural and urban areas have low crime rates.

Moreover, the region isn’t as prone to many sorts of natural disasters as are other parts of the U.S. It is home to some of the nation’s best educational institutions and sees some of the highest quality of life and median incomes of anywhere else in the nation.

Minnesota was deemed the overall safest state in the United States.

Some states have a way higher rate of violent crimes than others. Maine has the lowest rate of around 120 violent crimes per 100,000 people, while Alaska has close to 830 per 100,000 people.

These states provide their citizens with the safest communities.

Rhode Island 

Population: 1.06 million

Low violent crime rank: 9

Low property crime rank: 9


Population: 6.86 million

Low violent crime rank: 26

Low property crime rank: 3


Population: 579,315

Low violent crime rank: 10

Low property crime rank: 14


Population: 3.59 million

Low violent crime rank: 7

Low property crime rank: 10


Population: 8.47 million

Low violent crime rank: 4

Low property crime rank: 11


Population: 1.34 million

Low violent crime rank: 1

Low property crime rank: 4



Population: 1.72 million

Low violent crime rank: 6

Low property crime rank: 7


New Jersey

Population: 9 million

Low violent crime rank: 8

Low property crime rank: 6


New Hampshire

Population: 1.34 million

Low violent crime rank: 3

Low property crime rank: 1



Population: 623,657

Low violent crime rank: 2

Low property crime rank: 2

According to these overall scores, Minnesota has deemed the safest state in the US while Mississippi is last.