Bow and Arrow for Safety

Remember to be safe when using your bow.

Bowhunting and archery safety rules cover every aspect of using a bow and arrow, such as handling, storing, and shooting.

In several states, a bow and arrow are thought of as a firearm. Therefore, the same rules that apply to firearms also apply to bows and arrows.

  • You should check local laws and follow the archery safety rules.
  • A bow and arrow should only be pointed in a safe direction.
  • An arrow should only be nocked when it’s safe to shoot.
  • Be sure of your target and what is in front of it, right behind it, and beyond it.
  • Never, ever shoot over a ridge.
  • Only shoot when you have a safe range or shooting area, as well as a safe backstop or background.
  • Don’t dry-fire a bow (releasing the bowstring without a nocked arrow). It might cause serious harm to the bow and can injure the archer.
  • Never shoot an arrow vertically.
  • Wear finger protection and an armguard while shooting bows and arrows.
  • Handle arrows cautiously. Safeguard yourself and the arrow points by using a covered arrow quiver.
  • Use a bow-stringer for recurve bows and stringing longbows.
  • Quickly fix defects in equipment.
  • Before each use, inspect your bow for dents, cracks, breaks, separating laminates, peeling glass, and defects in mechanical parts.
  • Inspect the bowstring regularly and replace it if it is frayed or worn. Frequent use of bowstring wax extends the life of a bowstring.
  • Check arrows for dents, cracks, or bends. Discard any that have permanent damage.
  • Store your bows in bow cases, possibly hard cases and store recurves and longbows unstrung.
  • Store arrows in quivers and accessories in a padded bag or durable box.
  • Check your emotions and think about safety first.
  • Don’t drink or take mood-altering drugs before, during, or after shooting a bow.

The Safest Cities to Raise Children (Part III)


Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Cedarburg boasts a low violent crime rate. That, united with excellent schools and kid-friendly amenities such as the Interurban Trail, make this town a good choice for parents looking to give their children some extra freedom.

Greenwich, Connecticut

These cities will give you peace of mind when it comes to keeping your children safe.

This quaint New England town topped our list of the safest cities to raise a child. Greenwich has been on the list before as a safe place for families. One of our standards, quality education, is also the main priority for Greenwich residents as evidenced by a huge donation to a scholarship fund for children of local nurses, police officers, and firefighters.

City of Fairfax, Virginia

Children who travel around the City of Fairfax on two wheels stay safe with aid from the city’s yearly Kids Safety Day. This event, given by the Fairfax Police Department, offers bike safety inspections and a bike cone course in which children can test their agility and skills.

Vienna, Virginia

Near Washington, DC, and the Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts, there are lots of cultures available to families in Vienna. But there’s plenty to do right in the center of town. Programs such as the new Kids on the Green concert series is to entertain the town’s youngsters, giving children safe activities.

Baraboo, Wisconsin

Baraboo is proactive when it comes to keeping its children safe. The city’s schools are looking to get a grant from the Wisconsin Department of Justice to enhance school safety in the wake of recent school shootings. Funds would be used to provide safety and communication system upgrades for school buildings and trauma care training.

Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

This quaint community hosts lots of yearly events, with activities slated for almost every month of the year. Residents of any age will enjoy Beaver Dam’s well-kept parks, low crime rates, and friendly neighborhoods.


The Safest Cities to Raise Children (Part II)


Village of Shorewood, Wisconsin

In the Village of Shorewood, your odds of falling victim to a violent crime is less than one in 1,000. Lifetime residents can attest to the culture of safety in this suburb of Milwaukee.

Exeter, New Hampshire

These towns have a great sense of community.

Who better to tell us why Exeter is a great town for children than one of the children themselves?

“It is not unusual to find my friends and I walking around downtown Exeter, browsing the boutiques or hitting up Stillwells for the top-quality ice cream.” “The atmosphere of the town is very welcoming and full of happy folks who love and share a sense of solidarity for their town.”

Monroe, Wisconsin

Summer is prime time for children to get out and enjoy the break from school. Monroe ensures those children have lots of activities to keep them entertained. The Monroe Public Library has numerous summer programs like Storytime at the Farmer’s Market and Musical Movie Mondays.

Milford, New Hampshire

Those who call Milford home can’t stop chatting about how safe they feel and the friendly presence of law enforcement. Milford officers are more likely to be found playing baseball or hanging out at the park than chasing down crooks due to the low crime rate and sense of community that keeps people looking out for one another.

Claremont, New Hampshire

Located on the banks of the Sugar and Connecticut Rivers, Claremont is an outdoor lover’s paradise. There are lots of parks and hiking trails for children to explore. Though, we urge parents to keep water safety in mind at all times with such easy access to the town’s rivers.

Burlington, Wisconsin

We discovered that teens tend to see the Burlington pace a bit slow, which strengthens our assessment of how safe this Wisconsin city is. Children of any age like an impressive park system, short walks to local schools, and the yearly ChocolateFest that celebrates the local Nestlé chocolate factory.