Hiring a Bodyguard: What You Need to Know (Part 2)

How do you hire personal protection or security personnel. Contact other executives. Talk with other executives to get a list of reputable security firms.

Make anonymous inquiries. Once you’ve gathered a list, request materials to be sent to a mailbox rental or private address. You want impartial information, and you want to process to stay on the down low.

Interview. Choose security firms or personnel bodyguards based on the info you receive. You want some with a like-minded personality and advanced skills. These individuals should be knowledgeable and working towards helping you achieve preventative, proactive security strategies, regardless if it’s an alarm system for your office or a bodyguard.

Experience. Inquire your prospective firm about the types of clients they’ve worked for and the different circumstances they’ve come across.

Hypothetical situations. Make up a hypothetical situation based on a real company event and ask the candidate how he would handle the situation. Then ask yourself: does this make sense?

Culture. Whoever you hire needs to be able to understand your culture and your business. They must to be able to adapt their experience and expertise to your environment.

Be unpredictable. Human beings like schedules and so do anyone that wants to hurt you. Change your routine, including the time you leave for/come home from work, places you go on a regular basis, and the routes you take to get anywhere.

Be aware. Look around you, when you’re going to your car. Pay attention to anyone who approaches you, regardless of age, race, or sex. Be aware of strangers and situations/people that make you uncomfortable.

Safeguard exposure and access. Is your home address listed online? Does the people around you know how to manage difficult people? By managing those with whom you are in contact and how contact is dealt with, you limit the risk.

Go with your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable with anyone or any situation, get away. Your instincts are inside you for a reason. Don’t ignore them.

Hiring a Bodyguard: What You Need to Know (Part 1)

Bodyguards, the supreme status symbol for executives, politicians, celebrities, and executives, but they aren’t just for them any longer. A private security firm provides professional protection with services usually beginning at around $30 per hour.

With everyone from mercenaries to armed chauffeurs as security personnel, there’s individuals to suit any situation. A altering economic climate in this country causing bankruptcies or layoffs creates risks, which creates people willing to attack or stalk someone else.

An executive’s perception of wealth or their political views can be liabilities. Bodyguard protection can come at around $1,500 a day. A security system is also pricey. But, these prices aren’t anything compared to a lost business or even loss of life.

Entrepreneurs typically try to talk down the risks facing them. Yet, security must be a part of the overall operations strategy. A complete evaluation of the workplace and the risks that can happen will help to decide how to respond to security needs.

Ways to assess your risk and decide whether you need a security team or bodyguard.

  1. Public exposure. Are you always doing public speaking engagements or conducting business seminars? Are you featured flagrantly in the business community? Do you always see your name online? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the public and one that brings risk to your physical safety and the safety of your employees and loved ones.
  2. Corporate climate. What’s happening in your office? Recent layoffs and/or terminations? Do you have employees going through any domestic violence situations? Pressures in the workplace are a vital indicator of personal risk.
  3. Security plan. Do you have one? You need to create one. Look at what you are doing right now to protect yourself, your employees and the business. Is your staff trained to deal with complex clients? Do you have a closed-circuit-television monitoring systems with alarms and panic buttons in your office?

Shoot Better with More Training

Use your bullets with training in mind. A friend of mine states, “Each round must have a training value with it. So, don’t think about shooting a tight, 25-yard group of targets. Do some serious training.  If you have 50 rounds, this is a good way to use them to make sure you get the training you need from every round you fire.

Two-handed grip, from the holster at five yards: If you can draw from your holster at your range, get in shooting position, draw and fire one round as fast as you can accurately hit the target. Do it again ten times. If you aren’t allowed to draw from the holster, put your pistol on the shooting table and do the drill by picking up the pistol, getting into the correct two-handed grip, finding the target and firing the shot.

One-handed grip, from the holster at five yards: Just like above, but shot with only one hand. Do it ten times.

Transition to one-handed grip, your other strong hand: Draw from the holster or pick up the pistol with your dominant hand. Change to your other hand and shot two rounds as fast as you can accurately hit the target. Repeat your movements, shooting 3 rounds. Do this twice.

Drive the gun, fire at extension: From what is typically known as the “high ready,” have the gun in a two-handed grip with your elbows placed at your ribs. Come to full height and shoot at the target as quick as you can, correctly hitting the target. Shoot two rounds. Then fire 3 rounds. Repeat 4 times.

You should have used a whole box of ammo, 50 rounds, with these simple drills that will improve your gun-fighting skills. If you are looking to hit your target better, start with these now.

Should You Have a Taser for Self-Defense

A taser is the best law enforcement subject control creation since the nightstick.  It has saved numerous officers and suspects from seriously getting hurry and is more efficient than any other less lethal control method.

Like in law enforcement, not everyone who comes into contact with miscreants need to use deadly force.  Civilians have just as little requirement for lethal force as the police. Tasers come in many versions for this purpose.

There are some facts you should know about which type of taser you should get before you buy one:

– A taser might not be legal everywhere in America, including on commercial airplanes

– Tasers aren’t foolproof.  Both of the darts need to hit the individual you’re using it against in order for the person to feel its full effect

– If both darts don’t strike, it can still be utilized as a stun gun

The probes are what makes the difference than the cheaper stun guns. Regardless of how many volts they claim to possess. Stun devices only bring hurt when they are utilized against an assailant due to the little distance separating their electrodes.  The spread of the taser darts triggers neuromuscular breakdown. Another huge advantage of a civilian taser system is that, according to which system you get, you can be up to 20 feet or more from the attacker when you trigger it.

Taser currently markets four civilian models for anyone who wants one to purchase. The 1st is the C2, the most compact-size taser. It varies from the standard tasers in that it operates for 30 seconds, instead of 5, when deployed.  That may be a sufficient amount of a jolt to make an assailant pass up his life of crime. A taser with a laser sighting system will cost you about $400. If you’re going to invest in a taser, get this one.

Top Women Personal Safety Apps

When safety and security of women is an issue, a smartphone can serve as a powerful tool against crime. Here are a few apps exclusively created, keeping in mind women’s safety and to fight against criminals.

Life 360 Family Locator

This app not only aid you in finding your family members, but you can get alerts when your family member gets to a specific location or if your family is safe or not.

This app is battery efficient and comes with other features like group chat. The app tracks your family members by using Wi-Fi, cell network, or GPS. The panic mode can send a message, email, or text with your current position. This app is nearby when it comes to safety of your loved ones.


Circle of 6

This app lets you send your circle of friends a “come and get me” message with GPS coordinates on map. The app also lets you call local emergency numbers and hotlines of your choice.


This app is devoted to fight crimes against women who are void of any help from law enforcement. The app tracks the whereabouts of the individual who has the device and shows the location on Google map by getting the coordinates of GPS. This information is consistently updated at the server and user can send SOS messages only by pressing the panic button. SOS can be sent to five contacts.


You can construct your personal safety network of family or friends whom you want to help you out in case of emergency. One press to SOS button and your family members will be alerted to save you by a text or call.

Top Gun Safes

A gun safe is a good investment if you’re a gun owner. It will safeguard your gun from theft and keep a kid from getting access to the firearm. Many gun safes also shield your gun from being damaged by water or fire. Many states have passed the law that your gun must be locked up regardless if you do or don’t have children in your residence.

If your state is one of those which have passed the law, you should protect your gun from fire and water with a waterproof/fireproof gun safe. Check out our list below of the top fireproof gun safes. It’s not only for your weapons. You can lock your valuables in the safe too.

Some home insurance companies will offer gun owners a discount if they have a gun safe to keep their firearms locked in. You should see if your insurance companies provide this discount. In order to find the best gun safes on the market, some extensive research was done to generate a list of the top-rated gun safes you can buy.  But these are generally small safes. If you are looking for a bigger safe, search online for many results. Below are a few of the top gun safes:


Sentry Safe Quick Access Safe

Access Options: 4 Fingerprint Capacity
Safe Type: Combination
Body Material: Solid steel construction
Power: No Batteries Required




Gunvault SV500

Safe Type: Combination
Access Options: 120 Fingerprint Capacity
Body Material: 18-Gauge steel construction, with protective foam-lined interior
Power: 1 9V batteries required



Ft Knox FTK-PN Safe

Access Options: 1081 user combinations
Body Material : Heavy 10 gauge body and a 3/16 plate door
Power: No Batteries Required
Safe Type: Quick access


Is Your Child Ready to Shoot a Gun?

Safety First

A common question of most parents living in the country is, “When should I teach my children about guns?”

This is a difficult question, because there’s no one correct answer.

In general, age doesn’t matter. It’s the maturity of the child that is important. A 5-year-old who is mindful and listens well to instruction can be taught firearm basics. Another child might not be ready until the age of 15. Thus, it’s critical to use common sense in determining if your child is mentally mature enough to know the possible danger of guns and be capable of listening to your instructions.

Most experts and parents will agree that children should be instructed early on to leave guns alone, unless they have your permission. It’s a good idea to show your kids what guns you have in your home to let them become accustomed to them, in the event they find a gun in or outside of your house.

This can be done when a child is just a few years old. Many parents make the error of telling a kid, “See this gun? Never touch it!” That’s the end of it. This isn’t exactly a good idea for a few reasons.

Think about this: when your parents told you not to do something, you did it anyway, right? Probably the reason you did it was because your parents made a huge deal about not doing it.

The problem with telling a child “don’t touch this!” is that it makes the child curious as to why you’re so over the top about it. There are horrible stories each year of children finding a gun and playing with it, totally oblivious to what they’re doing because they were never taught. These events often lead to death.


How Effective are Personal Alarms

Easy to conceal, small and can make a racket when activated. It’s no surprise personal alarms are the best-selling self-defense products in the market.

Many people, especially women, teens, and seniors, favor them because they’re easy to carry around and use. They are inconspicuous because personal alarms are crafted to look like common objects.

GT ROAD 140 Alarm with LED

When you’re putting your trust into such a little device, questions will arise. Is a self- defense alarm effective? And how will they work to stop crime?

How Personal Alarms Work

Personal alarms are built to sound a loud alarm when switched on. The button is typically called a panic button. The alarm is a high-decibel noise that’s intended to warn other people that someone needs assistance.

It can also be used to find someone, like a senior or child, in case they need help or are lost. Personal alarms are a solid choice for those who can’t scream or fight back.

Are self-defense alarms effective?

Personal alarms give out a blaring noise that will only stop when the user pushes a button. The noise can get up to around 130 dB. That’s plenty of noise when you consider that a train whistle only gives off around 90 dB.

Using this much noise against an attacker and you will bring momentary confusion or panic, providing you with enough chance to run away, alert someone, or fight back.

If the user is lost and needs to be found, the personal alarm can be very efficient in getting someone’s attention. It’s also an excellent device to use to alert others during any kind of emergency.

Personal alarms can be very effective self-defense tools but they do have their limits. It’s important for users to know this, so they understand what to expect and are better prepared for certain scenarios when a personal alarm may not always be to their advantage.

Safety and Seniors: How to Stay Safe

Seniors, individuals over the age of 65, are increasing in numbers. Because of medical advances, our seniors are living longer than previous generations. While these folks have lived their lives and should be given the respect that age brings, they’re too often taken advantage of and made into crime victims.

When it comes to theft and purse snatching, seniors are overly victimized compared to other age groups. At least one in five personal crimes against seniors is regarding some form of theft.

With over 15 % of seniors having experienced some sort of psychological or sexual abuse, neglect, or physical abuse, it’s no surprise more and more seniors are going to self-defense classes and are carrying firearms.

Easy Targets

One of the main reasons that seniors are so often victimized is that they appear to be easy targets. And sometimes they are. Many seniors have mental and physical limitations, and can be seen as frail, slow. They are less likely to put up a fight. They don’t have fast reaction times, they’re eyesight or hearing is not as good as it used to be. Most can’t run.

Don’t Be a Target

Yes, seniors are aging and they may not move as fast as the younger crowd. But that doesn’t mean they’re not able to know and learn self-defense. The first thing to learn about self-defense and how to not be a target is to be aware of your surroundings.

Here are a few things to know that can reduce your risk of being a victim. And don’t forget, it’s always better to try to avoid trouble than provoke it.

  • Walk with a purpose
  • Keep your eyes and head up
  • Be on the look for suspicious individuals
  • Avoid areas that are known to not be safe
  • Don’t go places by yourself
  • Do your errands in the daytime


The Best Pepper Sprays in Today’s Market

When talking about self-defense, pepper spray is one of the most affordable and effective weapons you can own. It is strong enough to be used by police officers but is also available to anybody to help their own safety. When used the right way, pepper spray can be highly effective against attackers and even animals. Anyone can use it.

It can be daunting to carry a weapon, even a non-lethal one. If you’re not used to it, here some info to some of your pepper spray questions, as well as our best choices for pepper sprays that will bring you the protection you need.

Which Pepper Spray is right for me?

When picking a pepper spray, you need to consider how and where you want to use and carry the spray. Will you be carrying it with you while you are walking the dog or going for a run? Do you need pepper spray you can take with you all the time in a pocket or purse? Are you wanting a spray that can be part of your home defense plan? We’ve picked our top choices for compact, small pepper sprays that can be easily taken with you. They are also available in larger sizes if need be.

Top Five Pepper Spray (Can be Purchased on Amazon)

SABRE Red Pepper Spray—Runner
Fox Labs Mean Green H2OC
Fox Labs Flip Top
SABRE Red Pepper Gel
Defense Technology First Defense 360 MK-4 Stream OC Aerosol

Because pepper spray has an impact on the respiratory system and eyes, it doesn’t matter the size of your attacker, where the person is small or big. The pepper spray will put a hurting on them. The idea is to ensure you know how to use the spray effectively and correctly.