The Importance of Women Self-Defense

When looking at the rising numbers of cases of violence against women, it is apparent that women’s self-defense against men is growing to being an important issue in today’s world. There are several products and techniques created for women’s self-defense against men, from mace, guns, to judo/assertiveness training. However, these things are growing increasingly needed and it is vital to stay abreast of the most efficient strategies for women’s self-defense against men.

Is Someone Following You?

Because more and more women are working overtime at their jobs and late hours, more attention should be brought to women’s self-defense. Dark parking lots are the most unsafe places, and it is a solid idea to walk into a parking lot with a special device, like a personal alarm, loud whistle, a can of mace, or stun gun. The mace or stun guns shouldn’t be designed like actual guns, but should be camouflaged as cell phones or key chains which can be held by hand without inviting undue attention.

It is an imperative principle of women’s self-defense to always to look straight ahead and consistently appear alert. Possible attackers are constantly on the lookout for women who are unaware of their surroundings, so deliver an impression of confidence.

Before opening your car, always examine the inside to make sure that no one is there. A portable flashlight can be helpful for this inspection. Make sure your car door is always locked, and, if you unlock your car door with a remote control, don’t locking and unlocking the door too far from your vehicle. This will stop someone from getting into your car.

Women’s self-defense isn’t always geared toward strangers, but, more often than not, a criminal is a person the woman knows. Before attacking, the man typically stalks the woman to discover her habits and see where she’s the most vulnerable.

Self Defense Doesn’t Always Mean a Gun

Not everyone is able of fighting back physically, and sometimes, fighting can make your situation more threatening. Moreover, the laws concerning self-defense can be complex. Lethal self-defense isn’t always the answer from a legal standpoint, no matter how terrified you may be.

Your Best Defense

The solution to self-defense is preparation. You don’t have to be suspicious of everyone, and you don’t have to carry a firearm. The best way to protect yourself is to be aware of your surroundings and to understand what to do if you feel endangered or unsafe. Below are some things you can do to not be a victim:

• Be mindful of your surroundings. Constantly pay attention and see what’s going on around you. Criminals often pick victims who look to be preoccupied or distracted.

• Avoid out-of-the-way places. Whether you’re looking for a parking spot at the mall or taking a walk, make it a point to be around others. You’re considerably less likely to be assaulted if you are in a well-lit, high-traffic area.

• Listen to your instincts. Don’t worry about looking crazy. If an individual or situation doesn’t feel right to you, move away ASAP and tell somebody.

You’re more less likely to be a victim of a violent crime if you’re attentive and aware. Nonetheless, there’s no 100% guarantee. For a little peace of mind, you may want to think about some other non-lethal self-defense choices:

Pepper spray: A small but commanding deterrent. It causes temporary blindness, difficulty breathing, and a very serious burning sensation. Spraying an attacker with pepper spray gives you some extra time to get away and get help.

Stun guns: Stun guns come in an assortment of sizes and provide a potent jolt of electricity that temporarily disables an attacker for many minutes.

Personal alarms: A personal alarm/panic sensor is usually worn around the neck and pressed if you’re in a threatening situation. The noise can surprise and scare away an attacker, as well as draw attention to you.

The Psychological Aspect of Self Defense

If you only train against a heavy bag, or practice self-defense skills in a dojo, or are being trained by an armchair instructor with no real fight experience, you’re in trouble!

This is very crucial information that you need to know about all your hard work and training. You need to buy a protective helmet and gloves, and find a training partner who gets you practicing and fighting for real with sparring sessions.

You need to feel the anxiety and pressure of fighting an attacker, feel the hurt of being hit, feel the stress of having fists and kicks coming at you. It is even suggested to spar with no gloves or helmets once you and your partner are good.

You could have all the self-defense and fighting tips memorized and you should be commended for it, but if you don’t have any experience of being hit, timing, speed, range of motion, and actual hand combat experience, sadly, you could end up dead after being attacked.
You need to be able to be focus and relaxed while you are fighting/protecting yourself, which includes being hit in the face, being dragged and grabbed, as well as being attacked. The only way you can grow this sense of calm is through experience.

Continue studying and training in your martial art and do practicing and sparring with a partner, using safety gear and raw aggression. It will improve your workout by at least 110%.

The benefit of training this way is apparent. You give yourself more choices, weapons, and ways to get away. Your mind is ready and conditioned for the stimulus that develops when violence is bestowed upon it. The more the mind is shown a stimulus, the more it is acquainted with it and unfazed by it. It becomes a regular event just like any other everyday event it has faced.

The Controversy About Stun Guns

You take with you in a situation all the good and bad practices that you learned in your training routine. If your tactics in your training consist of fancy kicks and wide movements, which require you to have a lot of room, you will automatically do the same when your adrenaline kicks in an assault. That will really hinder you if you are fighting for survival in a confined area with furniture or other items around, such as an office, living room, or bedroom. Your self-defense training should also focus on the mind/spirit as well. Self-defense is more mental than physical. Regardless of how efficient your self-defense moves are, if you don’t get your mind right for fighting, you will certainly immobilize.

Even though the stun guns’ electrical current charge is non-lethal, there are many controversies surrounding the use of stun guns as weapons and a self-defense tool. The debate is focused on justifying the use of the stun gun. There is talk that in some cases, health issues are thought to be because of the use of a stun gun.

Manufacturers instructions and disclaimers warn that the prolong exposure to the electrical current given by a stun gun can be possibly fatal.
The United Nations reports that the use of stun guns can be a method of torture because of the pain they cause some individuals, or death in certain instances.

They are also banned because of their increased potential for abuse. There have been several cases of excessive stun gun usage as a form of torture. It is said that stun guns are utilized to bring pain on individuals that are cruel.

Stun guns don’t cause the markings that other beatings can, so the cases of abuse are just allegations.

There are also uncertainties about the effectiveness of stun guns as a self-defense weapon. Many folks carry some sort of stun gun or taser on them for protection, but without the right training, the stun gun/taser is useless.

Tips for Women to Stay Safe

Self-defense Tips for Women

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

These tips aren’t just for the busy holidays season. It’s all about sustaining your awareness all year long. Obey these tips and you can safeguard yourself from being one of this year’s assault statistics.

1. Walking up to my vehicle, did I look around or see anyone near it? Am I walking with my packages in a cart or carrying all of them in my hand? Offenders interviewed say they look to attack a woman who is walking alone and not aware of her surroundings. Always put your bags in a cart. This gives you plenty of time to act if someone is moving towards you. If you’re carrying bags, this makes your hands useless to protect yourself and provides a criminal with a bonus.

2. Do I have my keys ready in my hand before leaving the store giving me self-defense protection? Again, awareness plays a big part. Also, with a key in hand, it can be an excellent weapon if you’re abruptly grabbed.

3. Am I talking on the cell phone or texting? Not paying attention? Paying attention is imperative. Take care of all that in the store. The parking lot is not the place to have your head down texting or checking your email.

If I am approached by someone, no matter how heavy my bags are, it is okay to turn them down. Remember, offenders will do and say anything they can to gain your trust and let your guard down. If a stranger wants to assist you with your bags, tell them no thank you. If they still insist, tell them no again. Criminal interviews showed that they will try to play on a victim sensibilities to gain approach to the vehicle, the keys, or a purse. This is when the criminal moves in for the attack: when your guard is down and you least expected it.

Firearms and Protecting Your Family

I received this letter from one of my blog followers and I thought I would pass it on to you.

I am grateful for the 2nd Amendment. Having labored in law enforcement for numerous years, I fully know that most often, police respond to a call well after the assault has taken place. Therefore, crime prevention is handed over to the individual.

Long ago, I came to the decision that my home and family would be protected by firearms. This is a choice that may not be possible for all. Thinking that pointing a gun towards an intruder will be all that is needed to safeguard your family, could be a grave mistake. Protecting with a firearm commands a mindset of being capable of using that firearm, to pull the trigger if the circumstance requires it, and continuing to do so until the threat is over. This may sound cruel, but veteran criminals will most likely be able to tell if a home owner is using his weapon for show or is truly serious about using it.

There have been many instances where a home owner didn’t have the mind set to really use his/her gun, only to have it taken away by the intruder and getting injured or killed by their own weapon.

Everyone residing under my roof has gotten extensive training in the usage of firearms and are quite skillful in their use. Having guns in the home also necessitates extensive precautions in terms of safety. All my firearms are kept in either my large gun safe or in handgun safe boxes, away from tiny fingers as well as out of their sight. Only after their bed time will I have my handgun/shotgun out by our bed, as well as my charged cell phone is next to our bed during that time.


Making a Safety Plan for Your Home and Your Family

Families survive because they learn how to use these weapons safely, which should always be the main focus where firearms are concerned. Safety becomes extremely imperative when firearms and children are in the residence. Unsupervised kids and guns don’t go together. So, it’s important to start schooling your children about firearm safety when they are small.

Remove the Mystery

Take the time to teach your children about guns, getting rid of the mystery and neutralize the forbidden syndrome. Take your children to the range and allow them to shoot your gun under your supervision. Aid them in learning how they work and the correct way to handle them safely. Above all, make them respect what guns can do.

Have a Fall-Back Plan
Should a criminal break into your home, do your children know what to do? More importantly, do they know where to go to avoid getting hurt if you have to defend them? One of the greatest dangers in using any weapon for home defense is that you run the possibility of hitting the wrong person. It’s easy for a bullet to penetrate through some drywall and hit somebody on the other side or even exit your house and injure a neighbor.

The use of deadly force must always be a last resort, and gun owners should be knowledgeable in their state and local laws. Once again, your mind is your biggest safety tool. You probably have worked out a fire plan with your family, so it only makes sense to work out a home-invasion plan. You should know where the other family members are located. Most importantly, you should know where it’s safe to shoot and where it’s not safe.

The best investment a gun owner can make is in a gun safe. Not only does it offer good protection from theft, but it keeps guns out of the reach of curious little hands and gives a ventilated environment for uncased guns.

Firearm Training for Women

From my own personal experience, have formed a set of guidelines to use when teaching someone, a woman, how to shoot.

1.Don’t pressure her. This isn’t boot camp. You will find that pressure procedures are counterproductive. Trying to pressure your female student to do something she doesn’t feel comfortable doing is only going to make sure she never accepts it.

2.Make sure to have the right safety gear. Having eye and ear protection available and explaining their use will help get rid of any fears. Also, before the weapons are introduced, go over some basic firearm safety rules:
a. Handguns are loaded, even if they are disassembled.
b. Don’t ever point your gun at anything you aren’t ready to shoot.
c. Your handgun stays on safe until you are ready to fire.
d. Your finger is straight and off the trigger until you are ready to fire.

3.Begin with a simple, small caliber gun. Explain and show the basic principles of the firearm you select. For teaching long guns to a woman, I recommend a .22 semi auto or a single shot break action firearm. If I am teaching a woman to shoot a pistol, I prefer a .22 or a .38. Make sure that if you begin with a magazine fed firearm, you keep a supply of loaded magazines ready.

4.Do not use humanoid targets. If the shooting range is outdoors, and we are using long guns, I like stale cookies. They break in a gratifying way and are biodegradable. For pistols, a regular target turned around with a paper plate stapled to the center gives a large non-threatening target.

5.Last but not least, teach slowly. Answer any questions with simple answers without going into a long lecture. The point of the first few sessions is to remove fears and let your female student become familiarized with weapons and shooting.

Personal Protection While Driving

Data shows that the number of car jackings and car thefts have never been higher. As the criminal element of our world multiplies in number and desperation, criminals have become bolder than ever before. You can’t read a newspaper or watch the news when you don’t hear about someone being victimized from car theft or worse, their car being taken from them as they are leaving home, the shopping mail, or even stopping at a red light. Is there anything you can do to protect yourself and your vehicle?

Fortunately, modern technology has delivered some ways to help protect us while driving in our vehicles. One of the latest advancements available to you is car alarm systems with keyless entry programs. This equipment gives you protection at comparatively low costs plus simplicity of installation. Anything that can get us into our vehicles safer and quicker provides faster security. These devices are available with a 500-alarm system and a dual zone shock keyless entry.

Will He Succeed?

Besides the keyless car alarm system program, you can have remote starter systems which lets you get in your vehicle quicker, but also lets you drive off quicker as well. If you need to get out of an area in a hurry, this allows that. Again, this kit is affordable and simple to install. You don’t have to fumbling around for your car keys, having keys to get into your vehicle, putting the key in the ignition and turning the engine on. Now all you need to do is open the door, sit down, and put the vehicle gear and put your foot on the gas.  This is the new development in safety and protection.
Even with all the new car systems and protection equipment that is in the market, you still must be diligent in your awareness and behavior.

Selecting the Right Guard Dog

There are many burglar alarms and home security systems available, constructed to aid you in protecting your home. Even though they are good in their own way, nothing equals a good guard dog. Guard dogs have been utilized for home protection for generations.

For many years, guard dogs have scared off home burglars. Although most criminals have gotten used to dogs, nothing stops a thief more than a vicious dog biting his/her ankle and not letting go. Almost all guard dogs have some serious biting power and can really put a hurting on a burglar. Guard dogs are schooled to protect one’s home, and they do their job regardless.

When you get a guard dog, you should make sure that you let him/her know who is safe to be around your property. You don’t want the dog to be vicious towards everyone, as friends and family are surely allowed to be in your home. Most guard dogs are left outside of the home, while some choose to keep their dog inside. Indoor dogs are great, as they will quickly catch a burglar the moment she or he decides to break into your home.

If you plan to keep your guard dog indoors, you must have food and water available, as the dog is there when you are not. Also, you’ll need to give the guard dog outdoor access to use the bathroom. A fenced in yard area is the perfect place for a guard dog to go outside. This way, the dog can come and go as they please.

Sometimes, a burglar will try and sneak around the back entrance, which is where giving a guard dog outside access can come in handy. Before getting the dog, it is a good ideal to thoroughly research the species you are interested in, as well as where you will get your guard dog. Police dogs or dogs that have been trained for protection are perfect, as they already are already groomed for protection.