Be Safe at Public Events

Anytime you’re around a crowd of people, you should be aware of crime and danger.

On the sidewalk, at a festival, or at a concert, where there could be millions of folks, you don’t know if the one right next to you could be trying to steal your wallet or purse. In addition to petty theft, four out of every 100 children will fall victim to a violent crime outside or inside the home. Below are ways to stay safe at public events.

Begin by taking a glance around the crowd. Search for the route you need to take to arrive at your destination. This is all a way of being present as you are in a crowd. With practice, you will even acquire a sense if anything is out of place, even in a huge crowd.

Simple Tips

  • If you’re a man, keep your wallet in your front pants pocket 
  • If you’re a woman, keep your purse close to you or between you and a friend
  • Try to keep your hands free, taking with you as few a number of items as possible
  • Don’t take your eyes off your stuff and never put it down 
  • Face people as you are walking. Crooks usually come up behind you
  • Headphones/earbuds make it difficult to hear folks around you
  • When walking close to a busy street, remain as far away from the street as possible. Stay close to the inside of the sidewalk
  • If a crook does grab your purse, let it go. You could get hurt if you try to hang on to it. 
  • The first step to safety at public events is to be aware of your surroundings.

Thieves don’t desire to be noticed. If they discover you’ve seen them, you make eye contact, you probably won’t be the next target. There are lots of folks around you who aren’t paying attention who can be the crook’s next victim.